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Design & Technology

Design & Technology

Welcome to Design and Technology –

Head of Department Mrs J. Davies (Head of department)
Deputy Head of Department Mr E. Groves (Acting Head of Department)
Teacher Mrs K. Vaughan (Numeracy Coordinator)
Teacher Mrs N. Higgins
Teacher Mrs A. Isaac
Technician Mr A. Richards

Design and Technology is a diverse and exciting subject.

At KS3 pupils follow a carousel structure of learning through a variety of topic areas. This helps the pupils develop sound knowledge across a wide range of skills. In Year 7 we start with basic skills and processes which include using a range of hand

and machine tools, as well as a range of materials and ingredients in the three areas

of Product Design (Resistant Materials - wood, metals and plastics) Systems and Control and Food.

Through Years 8 and 9, these skills are further developed and the pupils’ experiences and opportunities broadened to include other areas such as textiles, computer control and its application to the pupils’ own projects.

At the end of the year, pupils in Year 9 are given the opportunity to choose their GCSE subjects. In years 10 and 11 (KS4) we offer a wide range of subjects, offering vocational opportunities as well as prospects for continuing to study at A Level or pursue further education at college. The courses we offer within the department are detailed below:

Graphic Products is a popular and dynamic course. The course has been designed to encourage pupils to be able to design and make products with individual flair, creativity and originality, whilst using a range of graphic and modelling materials.

Product Design is a relatively new and exciting course. Pupils design and make products whilst focussing on areas such as product analysis, sustainability issues, manufacturing processes, specific materials and tools.

In Design and Technology pupils are able to develop their skills and knowledge in

Resistant Materials, through a ‘design and make’ based course.

In the area of food, we offer GCSE Catering. This course has been designed to give pupils an introduction to the catering industry, concentrating on the main areas of food production and food service. We also offer GCSE Food and Nutrition, which is designed to give pupils an opportunity to extend and apply their skills, knowledge and understanding of food and nutrition whilst looking at the needs of individuals or families.

Vocational related GCSE in Health and Social Care encourages learners to be inspired and engaged to become independent learners. The course will help pupils to understand aspects of the development of the whole person from childhood to adulthood. It also looks at ways to improve an individual’s own health through problem solving techniques and by examining issues which affect the quality of human life, e.g. diet, genetics, physical activity and illness.

Child Development studies early childhood (0-5 years). This diverse course provides pupils with the opportunity to study the value of the family and relationships. Wider aspects such as pregnancy, birth and parenthood are also covered.