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Estyn Report

Estyn Report

Estyn Report January 2018

A recent inspection conducted by Estyn, Her Majesty's Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales, on Croesyceiliog School during January 2018 has provided a judgement against 5 key inspection areas. The report has judged the school's current performance for all areas of judgement as adequate and needing improvement which indicates that strengths outweigh weaknesses, but important aspects require improvement. The 5 areas for inspection and the judgements were:


·         Standards - Adequate and needs improvement

·         Wellbeing and attitudes to learning - Adequate and needs improvement

·         Teaching and learning experiences - Adequate and needs improvement

·         Care, support and guidance - Adequate and needs improvement

·         Leadership and management - Adequate and needs improvement


In accordance with the Education Act 2005, Estyn evaluates a provider’s effectiveness using a four-point judgement scale and HMCI is of the opinion that this school is doing adequately in all areas but needing improvement.

The report highlights that Croesyceiliog School has a supportive and inclusive ethos. Pupils participate well in decision-making and a wide range of extra-curricular activities and have a sound understanding of how to keep healthy. Most pupils behave well in lessons and many engage positively in their learning.


However, a minority of pupils are not resilient or independent enough in their learning, and a few pupils do not always behave maturely and respectfully as they move around the school. Rates of attendance are lower than in similar schools, and this has a negative impact on pupil progress.  In the majority of cases, teaching is engaging and effective and helps pupils to make sound progress in their lessons. However, there is too much variation in the quality of teaching.


Senior leaders have a clear and well-understood vision for how to improve the school and they have a sound understanding of the school’s strengths and areas for development. However, there is too much variation in how effectively middle leaders evaluate their work and plan for improvement. This has limited the school’s ability to secure consistent enough improvement in important areas of the school’s work, such as key stage 4 outcomes, rates of attendance and the quality of teaching.


In light of their findings, Estyn have made the following recommendations:


·         Recommendation 1 - Raise standards at key stage 4, improve pupils’ skills and develop their independence and resilience in learning

·         Recommendation 2 - Improve the quality of teaching

·         Recommendation 3 - Improve attendance

·         Recommendation 4 - Strengthen leadership at all levels

·         Recommendation 5 -  Strengthen arrangements for self-evaluation and improvement planning, in particular the role played by middle leaders in this aspect of the school’s work

Torfaen's executive member for education, Cllr David Yeowell said: ‘I’m pleased the inspectors recognised many good features in the school and that the school accept the findings identifying the areas needing improvement. The leadership team and governing body will now focus on preparing an action plan to ensure all pupils can have the best possible education and achieve their full potential at Croesyceiliog. I’m confident the school are already taking steps to tackle all of Estyn’s recommendations and these will be set out fully and clearly in the action plan.’


Croesyceiliog Head teacher, David Taylor said: ‘Croesyceiliog School welcomes this report and we’re pleased that it recognises recent progress and the school’s many positive features. The report notes that the school has an inclusive and supportive ethos, that in the majority of cases teaching is engaging and effective, and that in the majority of lessons teachers have high expectations and promote pupil progress well through engaging and challenging tasks. The report also states that Senior Leaders have a clear and well understood vision of how to improve the school, and that our Governors are closely involved in the life of the school and offer suitable challenge and support. The school recognises that further improvements are required and is looking forward to working with pupils, parents, governors and its other partners to address the report’s recommendations over the coming months.’

Please click on the links below to download / read copies of the letter sent home to parents/carers (20th April) and the Estyn Report:

Estyn Report: Croesyceiliog-School-Estyn-Inspection-Report-January-2018.pdf

Parent/ Carer Letter : Letter-to-parents-re-inspection-report.docx



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