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Welcome to the History Department Webpage!

History at Croesyceiliog is not all about dates! Teaching in the department is by highly specialised and experienced members of staff. Pupils are taught in a variety of ways and the department places at its heart the importance of developing solid academic skills.

  • Mrs A Seymour (Head of History)
  • Mrs C Jones (Second in department)
  • Mrs A Denton (Skills Co-ordinator)
  • Mrs J Breeze (Teacher of History)
  • Mr A Colman (Teacher of Psychology and Sociology)

History Course Information

History at Key Stage 3

Year 7
Medieval History 1066-1500
Eg. Battle of Hastings, King John, Medieval Wales.

Year 8
Early Modern History 1500-1750
Eg. Elizabeth I , Slavery, Witchcraft.

Year 9
Modern History 1750- to present day.
Eg. Merthyr in the Nineteenth century, Titanic and WW1

History at GCSE

History is an interesting and highly valued academic qualification. It broadens the mind by helping us learn about how people lived. The course offers a stimulating insight into key events which have shaped our world today. It both challenges the student and gives them relevant skills which are transferable to the workplace.

You will study a variety of topics including Nazi Germany 1919-1947, Russia 1914-1929, and America 1930-2000. History at GCSE is extremely popular and interesting. The GCSE is taught by several teachers who make use of audio-visual material, source work, and first-hand accounts to keep History engaging. Teachers often run after school and lunchtime revision sessions to help give advice and encouragement to pupils.


The department offers History, Government and Politics, Sociology and Psychology at A Level.

As a department we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure Pupils achieve their full potential in the subjects that we offer.

The Advanced Subsidiary/ Advanced GCE courses aim to provide a coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study for all students regardless of whether or not they progress to further study in the subject.