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Media Studies

Media Studies

“The Media” refers to the different ways of communicating information in the everyday world, other than literature (books).Media is the plural of medium, e.g. Newspapers are the medium for communicating news.

Media Studies examines why media texts are made, how they are made and how audiences respond to them, seeking to answer the following questions: Why were they made? (purpose);Who made them? (institution);How were they made? (process)Who were they made for? (audience).

How do we study the media?

We research and analyse media texts. We research and analyse audience responses to media texts. We analyse and apply other peoples’ research and theories. We make media texts. We create reports, evaluations, essays and presentations about the above.

Why is Media Studies important?

We are now living in a media age. Communications technology and the changes it has brought to our daily lives has made an understanding of the media as vital for 21st century living and working as reading, writing, numeracy and I.T. We are daily bombarded and influenced by media texts; media students learn how to understand and question them and become aware of the global ideologies, power and politics behind them.

Media Studies Department

Mrs K Chandler Teacher i/c Media Studies
Mrs S Wilkie Head of English
Mrs S Dickinson
Mrs O’Beirne