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Science at Croesyceiliog

Q: What did one quantum physicist say when he wanted to fight another quantum physicist?

A: Let me atom
Science is never constant. The study of any science involves looking at things, measuring and defining them, analysing their properties, or working out how they function. Along with the observing and measuring are the ever changing new technologies which are used to accomplish these goals. When you add all these factors together it is easy to see why science lessons are the most interesting lessons in Croesyceiliog School.

Key Stage 3

Science is taught in mixed ability form groups and focuses on the skills and concepts which are needed to become a scientist.

Key Stage 4

WJEC GCSE Science is taught in sets to all year 10 students. Topics include evolution, nano particles and the scale of the universe.
In year 11 our students study Separate science, Additional science or BTEC First Applied Science.

Key Stage 5

WJEC Biology, AQA Chemistry and AQA Physics courses attract many students each year.
Q: Where does bad light end up?
A: In a prism.

Staff List

Mr. Hughes – Head of Key Stage 4 Science
Mrs. Williams – Acting SENCO
Ms Hubbard – Head of year 11
Mrs. Priestley – Head of year 8
Mr. Buckley – Assistant head of SEN
Dr. Williams – Assistant head of Sixth form
Mr. Richi – Science ICT leader
Mr. Norman – Head of Science