Croesyceiliog School Learning, Respect, Ambition

Staff List

Staff List

Croesyceiliog School Teaching Staff

Please be aware that the staff list changes regularly.

Senior Leadership Team

D Taylor (Headteacher)
V Harris (Acting Deputy Headteacher)
R Spencer (Assistant Headteacher), L Taylor (On secondment),  H Rawle-Jones (Acting Assistant Headteacher)



S Wilkie (Head of Department)
P Adair (Assistant Team Leader/Key  Stage 4 Coordinator)
K Chandler Leader (Key Stage 3 Coordinator)
S Dickinson, S Mahoney, L O’Beirne, M Pollentine, R Kent (Head of Year 10), C Hughes, C Jones,


N Williams (Head of Department)
N Price (Assistant Team Leader /Key Stage 4 Coordinator)
A Blair (MAT Coordinator), S Collick, E Carter-Evans, C Edwards, S Edwards, L Davies, D Morris, M Williams, N Bartle, J Morgan, A Sharp


S Norman (Head of Department)
K Williams (SENCO), P Buckley (Assistant SENCO), C Priestley (Head of Year 8), N Richi,                  C Hubbard (Head of Year 11), N Jones, I Harman, C Williams (Assistant Head of VIth Form), L O'Sullivan, I Thomas


T Broughton (Head of Department)
L James (Literacy Co-ordinator), N Higgins, A Issac,


L Morgan (Acting Head of Department), J Willis


S Negri (Head of Department), A Colman, K Harris Dean, R Jones, E Lyons-Rogers, J Picton, R Smith                                                                                                        

History & Social Sciences

A Seymour (Head of Department)
C Jones (Assistant Team Leader), J Breeze, A Colman, A Denton (Head of Skills), Z Luckwell, A Thomas

ICT/Business Studies

R Evans (Head of Department)

J Robinson, P Davies (BTEC Coordinator), A Willis (ICT Coordinator)

Modern Foreign Languages

B Voisin (Head of Department)
C Gibbs (Assistant Team Leader), J Picton (Key Stage 3 Coordinator),  K Harris-Dean
R Smith, V White


N Parker (Head of Department)
A Cross


N Pryce (Head of Department)
R Pryce (Head of Welsh Baccalaureate/PSE), Z Llewellyn, M Kostic, S Murphy, I Rogers, R Jones 
M Sainsbury (Head of Inclusion)

Religious Education

M Ireland (Head of Department)
J Lloyd (Assistant Team Leader), S Lewis (Head of 6th Form), S McDermott


J Davies (Head of Department)

E Groves, A Issac, N Higgins, S Canham, K Vaughan (Numeracy Coordinator)


L Williams (Head of Department)
M Lewis (Assistant Team Leader), T Newland-Jones (Head of Year 7), R Edwards (Head of Year 9)

Additional Curriculum

J Morgan

Child Protection Officer

K Lo