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Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

At Croesyceiliog we are committed to providing high quality, engaging learning experiences for our students. We are constantly evaluating the quality of lessons, and reviewing the structures we have in place to support teachers in their planning of exciting lessons and imaginative resources. Our Teaching and Learning policy is frequently revised to ensure we are working as consistently and effectively as possible, and we make sure that the professional development of staff is given the highest possible priority.

Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy and numeracy are at the heart of teaching and learning at Croesyceiliog. We have produced learning mats which will be helpful for parents/ carers in supporting the literacy and numeracy skills of our pupils at home. (click on the links below)

Literacy Mat

Numeracy Mat

Growth Mindset - 2nd Round

The school has been regularly engaging with our pupils about Growth Mindset over the last 3 years, and our work on this is recognised as amongst the best in south east Wales. The concept is the work of academic Carol Dweck and has the potential to radically alter pupils’ perceptions of how much they can achieve and how ‘smart’ they are, their ability to persevere when they find things hard, their resourcefulness in finding strategies for success and not giving up, and their overall independence as learners.

We will be offering the workshops on Wednesday April 20th and Tuesday April 26th. Both sessions will start at 5.30pm and last for no longer than an hour. Please come to Reception. It is best if both sessions are attended, ideally.

Invitations and reply slips have been sent home (11th April). Please return the reply slip to West Reception by Friday April 15th


See you there!