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Welsh Baccalaureate

Welsh Baccalaureate

Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification in years 10 to 13

Studying the Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate gives students a broader experience at Key Stage 5, equipping them for the world of work, lifelong learning and making them more knowledgeable about the world they live in. In addition to this, achieving the qualification gives pupils 120 UCAS points, (the equivalent of an A at A level) and hence more of a chance of gaining a place at the university of their choice. Many prospective employers are also keen to meet and employ students who have obtained this qualification because of the skills they gain whilst studying the WBQ. For our Key Stage 4 pupils the Welsh Baccalaureate Intermediate Diploma equates to 3 GCSEs at grade A whilst the Foundation is roughly 3 Ds at GCSE.

All pupils in years 10 to 13 study for the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification.
Further information can be found at or by contacting Mrs Pryce or Mrs Quiller ( in the Welsh Baccalaureate Department.

Welsh Baccalaureate and Essential Skills Wales Advanced level – important information for students in year 12 and parents/ carers.
The Welsh Baccalaureate will be graded from Summer 2015. The details of how the grading system will work can be found  here. This document talks about Essential Skills Wales and Wider Key Skills. The ESW are Communication, Application of Number (AoN) and ICT. The Wider Key Skills are Problem Solving (PS), Working with Others (WWO) and Improving own Learning and Performance (IOLP). Please notice that the grade a candidate receives in the Welsh Baccalaureate overall is dependent upon their Individual Investigation grade and the combination of grades they get for the three ESW. 
From September 2014 all 6 ESW/ Wider Key Skills qualifications will be offered in Croesyceiliog Sixth Form at level 3 (to year 12). All students will study Working with Others, Problem Solving, Improving own Learning and Performance, and Communication at level 3. Please note, though, that students will require either ICT or AoN at level 3 if they are aiming for  an A* grade, or if their Individual Investigation (started in year 12 and completed in year 13) does not get a distinction for an A grade, or a merit for a B grade. Year 12 students are asked to sign up to either ICT or AoN at level 3 if they are certain that they need it right now (sign up in WBQ office/ with the AoN and ICT teachers). It may be possible for students to get one of these qualifications later in the two-year cycle should it become necessary and they have not opted at this stage. Only Communication is compulsory at level 3 from the start. Students may choose, in consultation with their parents, to top up by studying AoN or ICT at level 3 as well, or they may choose to only do Communication at level 3, and stick with the level 2 AoN and ICT that they gained last year, when they gained the Welsh Baccalaureate at Intermediate level, in which case it may not be possible for them to achieve certain grades in the Welsh Baccalaureate at Advanced level. This is a decision for students and parents to take. The demands of any level 3 qualification are equivalent to Advanced level, and AoN and ICT at level 3 are very demanding options.
Students must see Mrs. R. Pryce or Mrs. N. Quiller if they need advice.