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Covid 19 Arrangements

March 2022

Our school’s priority is to minimise disruption to our students’ education and maintain face to face learning in the classroom in a safe way for everyone. Key protective measures are as follows:

  • All students and staff, unless exempt, are to wear face coverings in all communal areas inside the building where physical distancing cannot be maintained. From 28th February 2022, students will no longer be routinely recommended in our classrooms. We would ask for your support that your child arrives with a three layer face covering. These face coverings should also be used on public transport.
  • All students and staff are to continue with regular Lateral Flow Device (LFD) testing twice a week using LFDs on Monday and Thursday mornings before returning to school and to then continue testing regularly twice a week thereafter. It is important the LFD tests are taken in the morning.
  • Re-introduction of year groups as contact groups:
  • All students on arrival at school must go directly to their year (contact group) designated zone. Students will then be advised by staff when to enter the school building through their year group entrance.
  • At break and lunch year groups are to use their designated zone and area within our canteen.
  • Separation of year groups within the canteen areas.
  • A rigorous one-way system within the building to reduce close interactions.
  •  Adherence to seating plans and forward facing desks in all classrooms.
  • Regular handwashing and respiratory etiquette (Catch it, Bin it, Kill it).
  • Adequate ventilation and use of CO² monitors
  • Maintaining appropriate levels of cleaning in line with other communicable diseases
  • Assemblies are to be held virtually
  • Limited visitors to site

LFD Tests

These are available for all students from school and are issued by Form Tutors during morning registration.

The most effective way to prevent transmission of COVID- 19 within our school community is to stop it being brought into school.   It is strongly recommended all students and staff undertake regular Lateral Flow Device (LFD) testing three times a week using LFDs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings before school.

Students representing the school in sports fixtures are, again, strongly recommended to undertake a LFD test on the morning of the fixture prior to the start of school.

Once the test has been conducted you or your child should log the test result online at and need to also, separately, inform the school of the test result through the following  form

LFD tests are free of charge and are provided by the school.

We are asking that all correspondence regarding a student's positive LFD or PCR test result is shared with us via our Covid-19 Account email address:


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