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Staff List / Rhestr Staff

Staff List

Croesyceiliog School Staff


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs E Lewis    Executive Headteacher

Mrs V Harris    Head of School

Mrs H Rawle-Jones    Assistant Headteacher  Wellbeing

Mrs R Spencer     Assistant Headteacher  Teaching and Learning

Mrs N Williams     Assistant Headteacher   Standards

Mrs K Emmott    Headteacher's PA



Language, Literacy and Communication (LLC) Faculty

Mrs S Wilkie Head of Faculty/ English teacher


Mrs S Dickinson Lead Practitioner

Mr P Knowles Lead Practitioner

Mr A Bunch Lead Practitioner  CCR Literacy

Mrs K Chandler 

Mrs C Jones 

Mrs R Kent  

Mrs S Mahoney 

Miss A Prendergast 

Mrs A Sharp


Ms B Voisin Lead Practitioner

Mrs C Gibbs 

Mrs K Harris-Dean

Mr R Smith


Mrs J King Lead Practitioner

Mrs R Edwards 

Mrs L Williams 


Mathematics and Numeracy Faculty

Miss Z Collins   Head of Faculty/ Maths teacher

Miss N Price   Lead Practitioner

Mr J Coombes   Lead Practitioner

Mr J Selim   Lead Practitioner CCR Numeracy

Mr S Collick 

Miss C Edwards 

Mr S Edwards 

Miss C Evans 

Mr B Jones 

Mr T Morris

Mrs G Tarr


Science and Technology Faculty

Mrs J Davies Head of Department of Faculty/ Technology teacher

ICT/Business Studies

Mr A Willis Lead Practitioner ICT and DCF

Mrs P Davies

Mr J Howells


Miss C Hubbard Lead Practitioner Biology

Mr S Norman Lead Practitioner Chemistry

Mr D Williams Lead Practitioner Physics

Dr D Edlin

Mrs L Foxwell

Mr I Harman

Mr N Jones

Mrs L O'Sullivan

Mr I Thomas

Mr A Lukas

Mrs S Bailey Science Technician


Mr H Izzidien Lead Practitioner

Mr S Canham

Mr E Groves

Mrs N Higgins

Mrs K Vaughan

Mr A Richards Technology Technician


Expressive Arts Faculty


Mrs T Broughton Lead Practitioner

Miss L James 


Mr L Morgan Lead Practitioner


Mr N Parker 
Miss A Cross 


Humanities Faculty

Mr D Hughes Head of Faculty/ History teacher


Miss S Negri Lead Practitioner

Mrs E Lyons-Rogers                                                                                        


Mrs A Seymour Lead Practitioner

Mrs J Breeze

Mrs C Jones

Miss Z Luckwell

Religious Education

Mr M Ireland Lead Practitioner

Ms J Lloyd

Mr S McDermott


Health and Wellbeing Faculty

Mrs R Pryce Head of Faculty/ PE teacher


Mr N Pryce Lead Practitioner

Mrs Z Hodge

Miss M Kostic

Mrs S Murphy

Mr R Jones 

Miss F Bowen

Health and Wellbeing

Mr I Rogers Lead Practitioner

Welsh Baccalaureate

Mr M Sainsbury Lead Practitioner


Cover Supervisors

Mrs L Stafford

Miss M York

Mr D Morris

ALN Department

Mrs K Williams ALNCo

Mrs T Edmunds Assistant ALNCo

Mrs H Powell Literacy Lead (FSM)

LSA Team

Mrs D Norman

Mr N George

Mrs J Dibble

Mrs A Banks

Mrs H Wright

Mrs H Burgess

Mrs G Hagland

Mrs J Coles

Miss G Dudman

Mr C Dunkley

Miss K Hart

Mrs L Tomanic

Mrs T Younger

Mr R Evans 


Mrs L McCracken Pupil Support Centre Co-ordinator

Mrs C Davies External Provision Coordinator

Mr D Venn Sanction Room Coordinator

Mrs J Moody LSA

Mrs D Norman LSA

Mrs S Williams LSA


Wellbeing Team

Directors of  Wellbeing

Mrs R Kent KS3

Mrs R Edwards KS4

Leaders of Wellbeing

Mrs A Hurn Year 7

Mrs A Burnett Year 8

Mrs B Webb Year 9

Mrs D Roberts Year 10

Mrs L Cook Year 11

Wellbeing Support

Mrs D Ashley

Mrs G Stone


Deputy Child Protection Officer

Mrs K Lo


Attendance Team

Mrs L Evans 

Mrs C Edwards EWO


Bursar and Finance

Mrs E Clark Bursar

Mrs L Davies Finance Clerk


IT Support Team

Mr C Edwards

Mr J Howells



Miss Z Cooper Exams and Data Manager 

Mrs S Edmonds Exams and Data Assistant 


Support Staff

Mrs K Emmott

Mrs J Billington

Mrs G Watkins

Mrs K Williams 


Caretaker Team

Mr D Kielty Head Caretaker

Mr S Cox


Catering Team

Mrs L Lawrence Canteen Manager

Shauna Lawrence

Kelly Metheringham

Melanie Walker

Nicola Williams

Leeanne Witcombe


Midday Supervisors

Mrs C Trask

Mrs S Trask

Turnpike Road, Croesyceiliog, Cwmbran, NP44 2YB

01633 645900